Aluminum Balance Beam

Product Number: 511-107

Additional Info: Galvanized
Weight: 18kg
Width: 2135mm
Depth: 4575mm
Material: Galvanized
Safe area size: 5.7 by 8.2 m



Manufacturing Value and Variety

SportsPlay Equipment is known for fun equipment of exceptional safety and durability. Since 1996, SportsPlayAustralia has been focused on maintaining the best value on the playground and in the neighborhood. We offer an unparalleled diversity in our product line – ranging from classic and modern play equipment, to a full sports line, and a new offering of thermoplastic site amenities. We're sure to have what you need for your play environment.


Playfall Surfaces for Councils, Child Care Centre, Public Areas, Schools, Gymnasiums, anywhere - soft landings for hard falls..... Our Wet Pour Application gives a seamless effect over the entire area, whatever shape or size the customer requires.

Various thicknesses are available with this application , by using a cushion under-surface of 20mm to 100mm thick, depending on the critical fall height, and an impact top surface of 15mm to 20mm thick which requires minimal maintenance that can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

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Child obesity continues to increase at an alarming rate! Nationally, over 30% of children ages 6 to 11 years are overweight and 15% are considered obese. Overweight children face many health care concerns, including damage to growing bones and cartilage, Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. All of this, coupled with a national trend of diminished playtime at school, our children are at risk.

To combat child obesity, selecting a playground Fitness Course for your play environment is the right decision. A Fitness Course will stimulate children to test their strength, stamina, and coordination. Fitness equipment presents a challenge to children and will act as a prompt for competitive play. Fitness Courses will encourage more physical play than traditional playground equipment such as see saws, swings, and slides.

Fitness Course Equipment represents an excellent value as you will be able to purchase more individual products when compared to traditional play products such as a modular system. An important factor to consider is the space required for Fitness Course Equipment because each piece of equipment must maintain a 2m fall zone perimeter. Fitness Courses tend to be installed inline when space is not a consideration or in a circle when at a premium. Another method is to spread the course out over a larger area so that children can run from one event to the next further promoting physical activity. Adult Fitness Courses tend to employ this method of layout and one can find fitness stations near jogging paths on most public recreational sites.